Thursday, September 28, 2023
image Trattoria Beatì,           tavern since 1926Our history, to be fair, begins much, much earlier. It was the year 1896 when our great-great grandfather Omobono and his brother Giovanni, expert blacksmiths who since the mid 19th Century had repaired more than 400 thousand horse shoes, purchased the land where now is the inn, starting a long tradition of hospitality and typical cuisine.



For any occasion or need, from simple business meal to ceremonies, from birthday to baptism parties, first communion, confirmation, wedding, business dinner, graduation or conscripts meal, you can book our dining room and also the rooms, in case of needing to stay overnight.

We will be pleased to prepare a personalized quotation and to support you with the choice of the menu and the outfitting, to fulfill every your desire.

We also remember that, in addition to the dining room, you can also book our karaoke nights, where you can enjoy singing along with your friends the greatest hits of local and international music or any tune you wish, thanks to the big screen with projector and the four wireless microphones of our our modern hi-fistereo system.

For any further information, reservations or quote please call us, at meal time, to the number 0039.0364.591759 or, at any time, to the mobile phone 0039.328.8762336.

We thank you in advance for your preference.