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image Trattoria Beatì,           tavern since 1926Our history, to be fair, begins much, much earlier. It was the year 1896 when our great-great grandfather Omobono and his brother Giovanni, expert blacksmiths who since the mid 19th Century had repaired more than 400 thousand horse shoes, purchased the land where now is the inn, starting a long tradition of hospitality and typical cuisine.



120 years and five generations ...

The history of the Trattoria "Beatì" begins more than a century ago. It was exactly the year 1896 when Omobono Santicoli, great-great grandfather of the current owner, acquired the land where he could build a "way station", an inn with stables and the blacksmith workshop where travelers and coaches could stop to eat a meal and spend the night, but also change horses or repair their shoes, if necessary.

The station, located on the main route and almost on the border between the camuno and sebino territories, immediately had a considerable success and in 1926, only thirty years later, the great-grandfather Giovanni Santicoli decided to expand it by building the structure where his wife, Domenica Tigossi, opened a tavern called "At the Bridge", even if everyone already used to call it "Trattoria Beatì".

The business then passed then to Giovanni's son, Omobono Santicoli ("grandfather Bonino") who, just like his ancestor with the same name , will have continued to work as blacksmith and horse trader, leaving the management of the inn to his wife, Giuseppina Cotti Cottini, better known as "Peppina".

Over the years, then, the business passes into the hands of a new generation of Santicoli, who with Giovanni and his wife Alba Filippa, begun to gain some fame as a restaurant, already known for some traditional recipes much appreciated by customers, including vegetable soup, always hot and ready on the  stove, and the salted meat with beans and onions, a typical Valle Camonica food.

Since 2010, with the fifth generation of owners from the same family, with Raffaele Santicoli, Trattoria "Beatì" is completely restored in its look, but not in the spirit of hospitality and culinary offering. Today's menu, in fact, proudly continues to offer traditional dishes of camuna cuisine and specialties from horse meat, cooked in a great variety of ways to satisfy both the most demanding palates and the tradition lovers.

Even the inn activity has been revived and revisited, and now the structure offers four comfortable double rooms, furnished with taste and respect of the ancient local traditions.


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